Building Your Home? The First Steps For You To Expect

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Building Your Home? The First Steps For You To Expect

20 January 2019
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If you recently just bought some land and found a builder, then you may be ready to move in. Before you start packing your bags, however, there are several things that need to be done as part of the first-steps of the building process. From getting permits to breaking ground on your home, this article will go over a few of the things that you can expect to have done as you get ready to build your home. Are you ready to learn some more? Read on. 

Creating Your Plans

After you have chosen your lot, then you get to sit down with your architect and start planning your house. This process is really fun for creative people and really stressful for everyone else. As a helpful tip, go into your first meeting with a bunch of ideas for your architect to look at; that way they have a jumping off point. Then once you get the basic things in order, you and your architect will meet until you have the plans all finalized and ready to go. Once plans are finalized, then you can start working on your permits. 

Getting Permits

IF you have hired a general contractor to build your home for you, then they will usually go to the county office and have permits pulled for you. Permits are usually required by most counties in the United States to ensure that you are building a house correctly and that it is up to code. Before you can break ground, your contractor will usually have to present home plans to the city. Why? They will want to look at the elevation of the home to make sure that it matches the area and isn't breaking any sort of ordinances. 

Breaking Ground

After you get permits pulled an approved, then you can start breaking ground. Usually, your contractor will hire an excavation services company to come out to your lot and get started. Usually, an excavation service can dig your whole hole in one day and then someone can come do the fittings and pour concrete the next several days after. However, fi our house is really big, it may take your excavation services a few days to get it done. 

Building a house is a really fun and exciting thing. By knowing the first few things that you can expect, you can feel a little bit more prepared and informed. Contact a company, like Tri County Construction, for more help.