Five Things To Consider Before Adding A Storage Shed To Your Property

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Five Things To Consider Before Adding A Storage Shed To Your Property

13 October 2015
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People often add storage sheds to their yards to give them more room to stool yard tools or other items and make more room in the garage. Before doing so in your yard, it's important to consider a few things.

Local Regulations

Look into any local rules and regulations about storage sheds. In many places, you'll need a building permit (although in some locations this may only be needed for sheds over a certain size). There are also often rules about the size and type of shed you're allowed to install, as well as where on the property such a shed may be located. The municipal building department for your town should be able to provide you with this information.

Location of Shed

It should be a given that your shed shouldn't cross over your property line or be put up over a septic system or on wetlands. You'll also want to try to avoid putting the shed at the farthest corner of the yard, in a low area where water collects or in very shady areas. Put it in an area where the ground is flat, if possible. Otherwise, make sure the door is at the higher end of the shed.

Type of Foundation

If you put the shed directly on the ground, it's likely to rot and become damaged or infested with pests. It should be put on a foundation. This typically means either raising it off the ground on concrete or cement blocks or pouring a concrete slab for it to sit on. Having a solid base will also help keep the shed structurally sound.

Design Options

You may be able to purchase smaller sheds that are pre-assembled, but in many cases you'll need to build the shed or have someone build it for you. To make this easier, you can buy a kit that includes the supplies that you need. However, this limits the design options, so some people choose to have the shed built from scratch so that it has all the shelves and other features they would like.

Type of Material

Wood sheds may look attractive, but they can require a lot of maintenance. A wooden shed will need to be regularly painted, coated with preservatives and sealed to keep it from becoming damaged by moisture, sunlight or pests. Other options that tend to require less maintenance include metal or vinyl. Metal is stronger but susceptible to rust and not necessarily attractive while vinyl is easy to care for but more expensive and not as strong.

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