4 Basement Systems That You Need To Have To Protect Your Home From Disaster

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4 Basement Systems That You Need To Have To Protect Your Home From Disaster

10 February 2016
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If your home has a finished basement, there are many problems that can affect it. These problems can lead to things like burst pipes, flooding and water damage from sewer problems. This is why you have a series of systems in your basement to protect your home from these disasters, such as a sump pump, foundation drainage system and waterproofing system for walls. Here are some of the systems that you will want to have in your basement to protect your home from disasters: 

1. Interior Foundation Drainage To Keep Moisture Out

Moisture can be a big problem in a finished basement, and it is not always caused by leaks. Sometimes, natural problems like condensation can cause moisture in your basement. To deal with this, you will want to have an interior foundation drainage system, which will remove any moisture that gets into your basement, no matter how it gets there.   

2. Sump Pumps To Deal With Water And Sewer Waste In your Basement

In addition to the drainage systems, sump pumps are also needed to pump the moisture out of your basement. These are often used for the sewer systems in your basement, so you will want to talk with a contractor about installing a well and pump that is big enough to deal with any water that gets into your basement. 

3. Foundation Wall Waterproofing Systems To Help Ensure Water Does Not Get In

The walls of your basement are also an important part of protecting your home from water damage. If you have old waterproofing, you will want to have repairs done. In addition, you may want to have a waterproofing system added to the interior of the walls to give you extra protection from potential water problems. 

4. Basement Ventilation Systems To Keep Humidity And Moisture Under Control 

Making sure your basement is well ventilated is also important. This can help to reduce musty smells from humidity that gets trapped in your basement. Ventilation can also help reduce the condensation problems in a basement. You may want to have additional ventilation installed to ensure your basement has good air circulation.

These are some of the systems that you need to have in your basement to protect your home from disasters. If you are need help improving your basement, contact a basement refinishing contractor (such as Hopley Builders Inc) and talk with them about some of these ideas to protect your home.