Four Ways Your Business Can Reduce Electricity Usage By Your AC Unit

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Four Ways Your Business Can Reduce Electricity Usage By Your AC Unit

26 May 2016
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For many businesses, a good air conditioning system is not a luxury but a necessity. Without a good A/C unit, you may find yourself out of business quickly. Unfortunately, operating a commercial A/C system can be a large expense, and eat into your monthly profits. The following are four ways to reduce your operating costs for your air conditioning unit.

Install a programmable thermostat

A properly working thermostat is critical to save money with any air conditioning system, but a programmable thermostat will give you more control over how the A/C should be operating. Not only can you set the temperature that the A/C will turn on, but you can also program the times that this should happen. Specifically, you can control the temperatures during non-peak hours or during non-operating hours. If your A/C unit does not already have a programmable thermostat, you can have one installed.

Install ceiling fans

These fans work to circulate air, and keep the inside of your business cooler. Your thermostat can be set slightly higher with ceiling fans because the circulating air keeps people feeling cooler. Even a slightly higher thermostat setting will mean the A/C is not clicking on as often, and therefore, it will be using less electricity.

Tint your windows or install a blind system

For retail establishments, this is an important way to keep excessive sunlight from entering your shop. For windows that are facing east or west, a blind system will not only keep your interior cooler, but your customers will appreciate less light at peak times. Depending upon where your business is located, it may make more sense to simply have your windows tinted. Businesses without any obstruction to the sunlight, such as tall buildings or trees, are good candidates for tinted windows.

Keep your A/C system in peak operating condition

When your system is working at its best, it will put out the maximum about of cool air possible and bring down the temperature of your building quickly. When it is not operating efficiently, it will use more electricity due to longer periods of time to get a room cooler. Having an A/C technician perform an annual tune up on your system is all you will need to have done. Your Freon levels will be checked, moving part cleaned and lubricated, and worn parts replaced.

Your monthly expenses will vary depending upon the nature of your business, but electric bills can be high for any business. A large portion of your electric bill will be from your A/C system, so every dollar saved on your electric bill will mean a dollar more of profit. Contact a business, such as Associated Mechanical Contractors, Inc., for more information.