How to Make Your Plastic Docks Do Double Duty on Land and Sea

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How to Make Your Plastic Docks Do Double Duty on Land and Sea

10 April 2018
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When it is time to replace your floating boat docks, you should really consider buying plastic docks. They are lightweight and easy to clean, but you can get so much more out of your plastic docks than that. Here is how you can make your plastic docks do double duty on land and sea.

In the Water

The nice thing about plastic docks is that you can rearrange their composition any way you want to. You can create "parking lots" for your jet skis or smaller boats, and you can create a floating summer porch, too. The docks snap together and are bolted to make sure they are secure in the formation in which you placed them. Out of the water, they can do some very interesting things.

On Land

If you live where the water freezes over and becomes ice in the winter, then you constantly have to pull the docks out of the water during the first frost. However, you could pull the docks out a lot sooner than that, if you wanted to. In fact, the floating docks double as a deck on land.

With the buoyant floats underneath, these docks are the perfect deck height on land, neither too high or too low. If you live really close to a lake or a river, you could pull them out of the water and onto the land to serve as a BBQ deck for entertaining guests. The next morning you can throw them back into the water to secure your boats and watercraft.

Break the Docks Down for the Pool

You could take this double duty thing one step further. If you use a smaller piece of floating plastic dock in a large pool, you can use it as a sunning deck. You can also use it as a diving deck in the deeper end of the pool. Now your piece of plastic dock is technically on land, but it is also in the water--your pool water.

Where to Get Your Plastic Floating Docks and Accessories

Marina retailers often sell plastic docks of various kinds and dock accessories. If they do not carry them, they probably know someone who does. You could also track down a dock salesperson at a boat and marina show in a local arena. That would put you in direct contact with either the manufacturer or a retailer that does sell these docks.