Three Signs That Your Shower Drain Needs To Be Cleaned

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Three Signs That Your Shower Drain Needs To Be Cleaned

23 May 2019
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Draining cleaning is a service that can be done on any drain in your home, including sink drains and shower drains. Drain cleaning services is typically done when your drains begin to let you know that an obstruction may be present. Unfortunately, not everyone realizes that they may have an issue until their drain stops draining all together. Here are three signs that your shower drain may be in need of draining cleaning services. 

Your Shower is Turning Into a Bathtub

One of the top signs that your shower drain may need to be cleaned is that your shower is turning into a bathtub. Water should drain away quickly in the shower. If something is in the drain that is preventing the flow of water, water may drain slower, which causes it to puddle or pool. If you notice that you are standing in a puddle of water as you take a shower, it is time to call in a drain cleaning service before the water is unable to drain at all. 

Your Drain is Talking to You

Another sign that your shower drain may need to be cleaned is a drain that is making strange noises. Those strange noises that you hear are your drains way of telling you that something is wrong. Some of the most common strange noises that you may hear coming from a drain are gurgling or bubbling noises. You are more likely to hear these noises after you shut the shower off and the water is draining away. If you hear gurgling or bubbling after shutting your shower off, it is time to listen to those sounds and call in a professional for drain cleaning. 

You Ask Yourself What That Smell Is

The final sign that shower drain cleaning is needed is a shower drain that begins to smell. Drains that are dirty can emit a variety of unpleasant smells, based on whatever is trapped in the drain. The smell may smell musty or like mildew, or it may smell funky, like dirty feet or body odor. The scent is caused by water and debris that is sitting in your drain thanks to an obstruction. Drain cleaning can move the obstruction along, allowing it to take that bad scent with it. 

If your shower drain is displaying one or more of these signs, it could benefit from drain cleaning services. Contact a plumber or contractor who offers drain cleaning services to schedule an appointment to have your drains cleaned today.