Professional Roofing Service And Maintenance To Protect Your Investment

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Professional Roofing Service And Maintenance To Protect Your Investment

13 July 2020
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Your home is one of your largest investments that you will make in your lifetime, so it is necessary that you keep it repaired and maintained to make sure it retains its condition and value. Neglecting your home's condition is one of the fastest ways to lose your home's value, especially when you neglect the roof. The roof and its systems protect your home interior from the top and protect your foundation from excessive saturation from roof runoff. Here are some professional roofing services and maintenance that you can use on your home's roof to keep it in great condition.

Protection From Ice Dams

Although the weather outside right now is hot and humid, cold weather will be here before you know it, especially if you live in a northern climate. And with cold weather comes the potential for roof ice dams to form.

Ice dams can form on the edges of your roof along with a row of icicles dripping, but their beautiful crystalline appearance can be deceptive and can cause ice to grow around and below your shingles. When this occurs, moisture seeps in through your roof and can cause damage to the inside of your home.

Prevent ice dam formation by adding in a row of heating cables along the edge of your roof. This portion of your roof is susceptible to moisture refreezing along the edge, but with heating cables, this can be prevented. Be sure you hire a roofing contractor to access any roof damage and install heating cables to repair this problem.

The ventilation in your attic through the right amount of roofing vents will keep your attic space cool in the winter to prevent ice melt and ice dam formation along its edges. Talk to your roofing professional to calculate your ventilation requirements, and they can add the proper amount. Many homes are installed with only the minimum requirements for ventilation and do not have enough to keep the attic cool.

Clean Your Roof

Your roof is going to collect a large amount of dirt and debris all year and can also grow moss and mold in the rainy summer months. Growths on your shingles will damage the shingles as the growths break down your shingle's materials.

If you notice any moss and other stains appearing on your roof, contact a roofing specialist to clean them from your roof to restore your roof to health. A roofing professional will use a gentle pressure washer to remove discoloration and damaging materials without stripping your shingles or causing damage. They can also apply a solution to prevent future growths and discoloration.