Understanding The Common Considerations For Your Roof Before Winter

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Understanding The Common Considerations For Your Roof Before Winter

25 October 2022
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With fall temperatures rapidly giving way to the first flakes of snow for the winter, this is a critical time for your roof. It's important to reach out to a local roofing contractor for a winter roofing health assessment before the snow starts falling in earnest. Here's a look at some of the things that you need to discuss with your roofing contractor before the winter season settles in with its worst.

Can You Install Heat Tape?

Heat tape made for the roof is a beneficial investment for many homeowners. This product helps you to encourage snow and ice to melt off of your roof when inclement weather hits, which reduces the risk of damage to the roof from the weight of snow or from the accumulation of ice. Talk with your roofing contractor to see if heat tape would be a helpful addition to your roof. Some roofing structures accommodate heat tape better than others, so it's best to run it by your roofing contractor first. 

Would Your Roof Benefit From A Snow Shield?

Snow shields help to keep snow from accumulating on your roof, which is beneficial in areas where snowfall is significant through the winter season. Since snow can bring with it a lot of weight, it's in your best interest to take as many mitigation measures as possible to prevent accumulation and the weight that it can add to your roof.

Will Your Current Roof Condition Weather The Winter Storms?

A thorough roof inspection in the late fall can help you identify any potential weaknesses that might be a concern through the winter season. In addition, while your roofing contractor is inspecting the roof, they can determine if a snow rake would be safe to use on your roof to remove excess snow accumulation between storms. Sometimes, a snow rake can put your roof at greater risk of damage, so it's best to have the surface inspected by a professional first before you try to use one.

Should You Call Your Roofing Contractor After Severe Storms?

Some roofs are in good enough condition that there are no evident repairs that are needed, but your roofing contractor may still be concerned about the roof's overall integrity following a significant storm. Ask your roofing contractor if you should be concerned about severe storms and if a storm would necessitate a call for further assessment.

These are a few of the things you should consider when it comes to dealing with your roof before the winter season settles in. Contact a company like Badger State Exteriors for more information.