Why Drainage Is Critical To Waterproofing A House

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Why Drainage Is Critical To Waterproofing A House

13 February 2023
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Plenty of home waterproofing options exist. However, installing drains is critical to ensuring that a house can be as waterproof as possible. If you're unsure how drains fit into the larger picture with residential waterproofing, here's what you need to know.

Water by the Foundation

The strongest argument for drainage is to prevent water from collecting next to the foundation. Especially in regions where it can be wet for weeks on end, water will sit next to the foundation and slowly undermine it. Even if you've used high-end waterproofing products to seal the foundation, the water creates friction and will eventually get in.

Something like a French drain is usually the best solution. It is a simple design that employs gravel and perforated pipes to direct the water from the soil into the drain and away from the structure. The whole assembly goes into the ground, and the water filters into the drain through the gravel. When it comes time for drainage system repair work, it's also easy and cost-effective to dig up a French drain and replace the pipes and gravel.


Even if the foundation holds up and doesn't leak, a barrier system will encourage erosion along the foundation. This leads to run-off, and you may have trouble controlling it in hilly areas without a drainage system. Erosion also strips the soil of nutrients and can make it harder for you to keep a nice yard. A drain keeps the water flowing in a controlled manner.

Notably, erosion from above the house will still clog the drain system and potentially cause damage. This is a common French drain repair issue because soil particles eventually do get into the system. Once more, flushing and repair work are relatively simple in most cases.


Not all landscapes encourage the water to go away. Particularly if the ground collects water and there isn't much to cause it to evaporate, the water can pool.

Water pools can become sources of more than foundation trouble. They also can promote mold and mildew growth. Similarly, they can encourage bugs like mosquitoes. Pooled water can also promote weeds by producing a less-than-ideal environment for healthy grass growth next to your house. Also, pooled water can become stagnant and start to stink.

Drainage ensures that pools can't develop. Directing the water away from the house and the property in a predictable fashion allows you greater control over the environment around your home.

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