Stucco Issues To Get Repaired

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Stucco Issues To Get Repaired

28 March 2023
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A home that has a stucco exterior can be stylish, serving as a nice contrast to other residences in the neighborhood that have vinyl siding or brick exteriors. Over time, various issues can affect the look and function of your stucco, so it's important to get help from an expert if you find yourself in one of these situations. Look online for a stucco repair contractor who services your area. They can visit you to assess the issues, discuss some repair options, and provide you with a price quote. Here are three stucco issues that you should get repaired.


One of the most common issues that can affect the stucco surface of a home is cracking. These cracks can occur for all sorts of reasons and often worsen over time. Even a small crack can allow water to get behind the stucco. When the temperature dips below freezing, the water will expand as it freezes. This puts pressure on the stucco and will cause the crack to expand. Repairing these cracks is not only a good way to stop them from spreading but to also keep water away from the walls of your home where it can cause damage over time.


The stucco exterior of your home can also develop chips in various areas. These chips can occur through impacts, and while you might not think that anything ever impacts your home, the reality is that various impacts can occur. For example, if your next-door neighbor is mowing their grass and their lawnmower blade flings a small stone through the air, it could hit your home and cause a chip in the stucco. Chips can allow water behind the stucco if they're deep enough, but they're an eyesore even if they're minor. Repairing them will quickly improve the look of your home.


Another issue that can frequently affect stucco walls is flaking. This issue often goes hand in hand with cracking. As water expansion causes cracking in the surface of the stucco, it can also cause parts of the stucco to flake off. These pieces can be large or small, depending on how much water got into the wall. Flaking is an eyesore that will often get worse unless you deal with it. If the stucco exterior of your home is facing any of these issues, reach out to a local stucco repair contractor to get some help.