Landscaping Rock Sizes To Choose From

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Landscaping Rock Sizes To Choose From

20 August 2020
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One of the most useful types of landscaping materials is landscape rocks. In some parts of America, the climate can be a breeding ground for weeds, and rocks make it much easier to control the growth of weeds. There are also areas you might need to control such as those areas that pool water around your home. However, you'll need to choose the right type of rocks if you will also be using them to beautify your home.

Small Rocks

The smallest type of rocks you can use is pea gravel. They are smooth and come in many colors. They are small pieces of rocks that have been polished naturally by a river. Pea gravel is often used as a replacement for mulch in small areas. 

River rocks are similar to pea gravel but are somewhat larger. They come in many colors and some even look like marble. They can be used for large areas where you would like to replace mulch. However, due to their size, they do not feel as comfortable to walk over and shouldn't be used for areas with foot traffic. They are best used in combination with decorative plants.  

Chipped rocks are an alternative to river rocks. They are made from larger rocks that were chipped down. They are not smooth and this might be preferable if you would like to add texture to your property. The most common type of chipped rock is a white rock. Because they have sharp edges, make sure to perform adequate edging to keep them in place.

Large Rocks

Boulders are the largest type of rocks you can choose from. They are often used to beautify your property and serve as a central focal piece. They are very easy to maintain and can come in many sizes and colors. However, make sure to not place a boulder in a location where it can easily be run over. 

Flagstones are also large rocks that are flat and are typically used as stepping stones on a pathway. They can be used to protect your grass because those walking along the pathway can step on the flagstones instead of walking on the grass. While you can purchase these landscaping materials yourself, if you are not a landscape contractor, it's better to hire one to cut the flagstones so they are the right size. But regardless of the type of landscaping rocks you choose to use, there is a landscaping material delivery service that can bring whatever you need.